The Area

Perafita is a village of around 350 inhabitants, located in Lluçanès area, in the county of Osona, Catalunya Region. At an altitude of 754m above sea level, it’s a very calm spot, far from the reach of industrialisation and urban realities.

The toponym Perafita comes from the latin Pedra Ficta, which literally means “fixed stone”- referring to a stone that is fixed in a location to indicate the limits of a given territory or property. The name of the village thus refers to the existence, in the past, of a rock or stone erected to separate property.

The village of Perafita is near small lively towns with a flavour from the past; Alpens, Olost, Sant Feliu Sasserra, Santa Eulàlia de Puigoriol, Sant Boi, or Lluçà, from which the name of the region derives.

The cultural heritage of Lluçanès offers altarpieces, ceramics, stone benches and enchanting intangible curiosities to discover. Countryside, handicraft and gastronomy come together at this plateau, one of the best viewpoints of Catalunya, the gate to Pyrenees, Pedraforca, Montseny and Montserrat mountains.

The surroundings offer magical routes used by bandits, farmers and witches alike, old mills and churches, ponds and streams, infinite landscapes that invite you to relax, practice sports or collect mushrooms in autumn season.

Casa Pedra Salera recommends the guided tours of Ausetània who offer morning excursions to places selected for their beauty and history. Its experience local guide will take you through these paths and share with you legends, superstitions, and historical facts.

Some traditional gatherings and festivities include,

  • Candelera de Perafita (2nd February)
  • El Mercat del Ram de Vic (11th - 13th April)
  • Festa Major de Sant Pere Perafita (29th June)
  • Aplec de Santa Margarida Perafita (3rd weekend of July).
  • El Mercat de Musica Viva de Vic (18th – 21st September)
  • Festa del Remei Perafita (2nd Sunday of October)
  • El Mercat Medieval de Vic (6th - 8th December)
  • La Fira d’Espinelves – Fira de l’Avet (6th -15th December)

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